Pizza Party!

We're ending Summer Saturdays with a celebration of all things PIZZA! From Pizza the Hutt to Freddy Krueger's soul pizza, it's our cheesiest episode ever.

Jay and Matt hit a New Jersey flea market and report back with their "amazing" finds.

Summer Q&A!

Summer Saturdays continues! This week, Jay and Matt answer summer-themed questions from Purple Stuff listeners.

The Purple Stuff Podcast begins its SUMMER SATURDAYS event with 10 awesome summertime tunes!

New minisode! It's more Stranger Things madness as Jay and Matt hunt down an "Upside Down Whopper" from a NYC Burger King!

We Found NEW COKE!

Jay and Matt enter THE UPSIDE DOWN to sample cans of NEW COKE. We're telling the whole weird story in this special Purple Stuff minisode!

From Hocus Pocus to Troll 2, we're naming 10 of our favorite witches! Pour some tea and hit the lights.

We're naming 10 pro-wrestlers who gave acting a shot. Get set for Bane, Zeus, Captain Freedom and more!

Hello, Purple Stuff listeners! We just wanted to remind you that there's also a Patreon page for the show, where you can gain access to monthly bonus episodes and other exclusive posts. We've done pretty well over there, which is why you've seen our output increase over these last few months! If you're already signed up, thanks so much -- you've totally given us a new outlook on the show. Again, here's the page for anyone who might be interested!

Jay and Matt name another ten of their favorite TV theme songs -- everything from Jem to Cheers!

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