From scary movies to strange cheeseburgers, we're naming the best parts of the 2018 Halloween season!

SPOILER WARNING! We've seen the new Halloween movie, so naturally, we had to talk about that.

Jay and Matt tackle the Halloween franchise with memories of the movies, toys, games and more!

Jay and Matt kick off the 2018 Halloween season with 12 more SPOOKY SONGS for your playlist!

Jay and Matt return with their huge tribute to ICE CREAM! We're covering 16 of our favorite frozen treats in this special summer episode!

Jay and Matt visit Denny's to try out their weird new Solo-themed menu!

It's our annual WrestleMania show! We're tackling 10 "minor" moments WrestleMania history!

Jay and Matt name 10 awesome GREEN things. You weren't expecting that, were you?

Jay and Matt name 10 of their all-time favorite Super Bowl commercials, featuring everything from Bugle Boy jeans to Crystal Pepsi!

Jay and Matt prepare for The Last Jedi by trying two strange Star Wars-themed cocktails, now available at AMC Theatres!

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